2017 - CV of Ongun DEMİRAĞ

  On July 2017, graduated from electrical and electronics engineering in Ted University; my main abilities are based on microprocessor based technologies, programming languages and works related with electrical/power engineering. I have a tendency on learning algorithm, mathematics, physics and chemistry. Currently, I am looking for a job and master on business that can be both in my homeland Turkey or abroad.

  I had worked in Karel electronics as an intern in quality control and testing department. The soldering process, assembly, surface mount devices, electronic circuit design and implementation was expreienced. Second intern that i accomplished was in Demiryürek AŞ that i mainly performed power system analysis, consstruction electricty design and the visulation of a project.

  After graduating around two months i worked in Ohm Enerji to programme and analyze their projcts about oil tracking systems. Currently with the aid of various Cad softwares i am performing electrical construction designs and evaluation for Arimed.

    Single board computers/microcontrollers that i'm familliar with,
  • Raspberry Pi Model B+ - Used in solar light tracker project.
  • Beagleboard BeagleBone Black - Observer its functionality of oil tracking project.
  • Xilinx BASYS3 - Used in Morse code decoder project.
  • Arduino Uno - Used in feedback loop levitating ball project.
    Softwares and enviroments that i have experience and knowledge,
  • Matlab - Used for GUI and Stimulink applications.
  • Spice softwares - Mainly LTspice and Pspice for circuit analysis.
  • Proteus & Altium - To perform circuit analysis and cost reduction.
  • AutoCAD - Main drawing software in electrical constructions.
  • VisualStudio / Eclipse- Used in coding applicationsç
  • Dreamweaver - Brackets / bootstrap - Website projects.
  • Fritzing - Circuit schematics
  • Arduino ide & Node-RED - IP based processor control.
  • Logger Pro - Graphics solutions.
  • Microsoft Office & Google Docs - Documentation preparations, data analysis.


Below are the projects that has been done by either me or together with my fellas during my highschool, university or after graduaiton,

2010 - English Short Story
2013 - Chemistry Extended Essay
2014 - C: Series generation
2014 - C: Collatz Conjecture Series
2014 - Matlab Gui: Designing Calculator
2015 - Electronics design: Amplificator Project
2015 - VHDL: Morse Code Decoder
2015 - Summer Intern: Karel Electronics
2016 - Summer Intern: Demiryürek AŞ.
2016 - Design and Implementation of Radio circuit
2016 - Matlab: Monte Carlo method on Black
2017 - Feedback: Ping Pong Ball Levitation by Arduino
2017 - Matlab: Digital Signal Processing
2017 - Website design- Arimed Electrical
2017 - Website design- Ongun Demirag

About Me

Below are some of the major certificates and achievements i accomplished,


2016 - University of Rochester - The Music of Beatles
2016 - Duke University - Java Programming: Principles of Software Design
2016 - University of California - The Arduino Platform and C Programming
2016 - Duke University - Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS
2016 - UCSan Diego - Internet of Things: How did we get here?
2016 - Microsoft - DAT101x: Data Science Orientation
2016 - Microsoft - DAT201x: Querying with Transact-SQL
2016 - Microsoft - DAT206x: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel
2016 - Microsoft - DEV209.1x: Developing Windows 10 Universal Apps - Part 1
2016 - Microsoft - DAT211x: Developing Intelligent Apps
2016 - MITX - Visualizing Japan
2016 - The University of Tokyo -Visualizing Postwar Tokyo, Part 1
2016 -The University of Tokyo -Visualizing Postwar Tokyo, Part 2


Skype: Ongundem123
Facebook: ongun.demirag
Phone: +90 531 023 1393